People have questions. Alex Hare has (some) answers.

Brilliant! How can I hire you?


Your best bet is to e-mail me at alex - at - wildhare - dot - com.


(Hopefully that still fools the 'bots.)

What have you written?


Feature length spec screenplays. 

Television spec scripts.

Television pilot (spec).

Polishes, rewrites and revisions on a series of independent features.

Are you the reggae club, radio station or the hazmat/firefighting site?

No. You may be looking for either "The Wild Hare" club in Chicago, the former KRZR show in Fresno, or Wild Hare Unlimited.

How can I find David Hare?

David Hare is a 3D artist who owned wildhare.com many moons ago. You can still reach him at david -at- wildhare - dot- com.

Looking for the Australian photographer?

Then this is not the Alex Hare you are looking for. Try this Alex Hare.

Do you make hard cider?

Sadly, no. You may be looking for Wild Hare Hard Cider.