The Story (so far)...

Alex Hare's earliest memorable taste of story-telling was his first comic book, a Marvel Team-Up featuring Spider-Man and Nightcrawler. Through many field trips to the library in later years, his interest in stories turned to mythology and the Arthurian legends. His high school library was a source of endless entertainment courtesy of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, several classic comic book compilations, the Chronicles of Narnia, and Casca the Eternal Mercenary series by Barry Sadler. Several semesters of advanced drama classes found Alex involved in scene work, sets, props, and lighting, all further fuel for the storytelling machinery assembling in his mind.


Throughout his primary education, Alex doodled, sketched, and focused on visual arts. Loving character design and hating the more tedious facets of the craft (i.e., backgrounds, architecture) he realized it was the desire to create characters and stories that drove his interest in comic books. Alex recognized during these high school years that his greatest goal and fondest wish was to create characters with mass appeal and global reach. When faced with the decision of a college major, he chose graphic design as it was the nearest thing to a "comic book" major he could find.


It was during the final years of his college education that Alex was first introduced to screenwriting. Having endured the agony of an abysmal sequel he declared out of frustration that he could probably write something better. When a friend destined for film school told him what the financial rewards of a first-time screen play could be, he decided to investigate further. Alex would learn that screenwriting was the vehicle by which he would be able to reach the world.


Over the course of the following decade, Alex read a great many books on screenwriting, attended seminars, expos, and commuted from San Diego to Los Angeles to complete the UCLA Extensions Screenwriter's program in feature film writing. During the course of earning his certificate, he studied episodic television, science fiction for film and television, and writing for television animation. He has written several spec scripts for film and television.


By day, Alex Hare is a partner in Strategic Vision, a consumer-research group where he functions as a researcher, interviewer, author, and graphic designer. Nearly thirty years of experience working with world-class psychologists in understanding decision-making systems has provided a grounded foundation in credible human behavior.